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South Delta Daycare

South Delta Daycare

The city of Delta, British Columbia makes up most of the Tsawwassen Peninsula. It is bordered on the south by the USA border and Point Roberts which is part of the State of Washington. The more well-known city of Vancouver, BC is located 25 km to the North. Delta is home to a slew of professional hockey players and other athletes. North Delta is a residential community where about half of the Delta population lives while two other communities Tsawwassen and Ladner form what is called South Delta.

South Delta enjoys mild Canadian winters and cool summers and is the future franchise home of CEFA South Delta, CEFA is one of the best early learning in Canada and the South Delta daycare franchise will be the 22nd franchise school to open in Canada.

A Bit about Natacha, the Founder of CEFA

CEFA was founded by Natacha V. Beim. Beim was born in Uruguay and was raised in Montreal. By age 16, she was a published poet and spoke three languages. She has many interests including ballet, journalism and theatre and of course teaching. At the “ripe old age” of 26, she realized the power of young minds to absorb knowledge and that the ages of 1 to 5 are the most important to the development of children.

Beim opened the first CEFA early learning center in West Vancouver in 1998. She saw the need for the curriculum that was age specific combining play activities with learning involving the total child, not just the intellectual side. In 1998 such types of early learning programs did not exist, so she simply created one herself.  She remains focused on improving the curriculum of CEFA and continues to write, speak at modern education events and she is also a mom.

CEFA Teachers and Curriculum

In addition to having educational credentials and a passion for teaching young minds, teachers at CEFA will get CEFA teacher training. Over two semesters the teachers learn the unique CEFA curriculum and the philosophy behind it. More important, they learn how to do it for real in the classroom combining academics and pure fun into an inspiring experience for young children.

The curriculum at CEFA is a four-pronged approach called Masterminds, Creators, Change-Makers, and Innovators. Masterminds are crucial as it includes the literary, reading and writing education that is vital to brain development and doing well in academic settings.

Creators, as the name implies, focuses on the creative side stressing art, music and creative play. If your child is a modern Mozart, he or she will thrive in this area of CEFA early learning.

Change-Makers stresses physical activity through Yoga to teach confidence, self-control, and self-respect. The Physical Education (PE) will help keep the kids strong and improve motor skills. The Mindfulness program focus in on creating a positive mental state where consideration of others is taught as well as teaching the child to focus on the present instead of dwelling on past event or worrying about the future.

Innovators are the math, science and technology education as every child will need to understand how the modern computer world operates. A side bonus is that your child will likely be able to educate you about that new-fangled PDA that you have no clue how to use.

If you are a teacher and looking for a South Delta daycare or the parent of a child who will benefit from the CEFA curriculum, you should contact CEFA at 1 604-708-2332 or send an email to to get answers to your questions about the unique opportunities at CEFA early learning.

South Delta Daycare
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